Exhaust System Squeaks – 2007-2011 Honda CR-V

A08-049 July 10, 2012   Applies To: 2007–11 CR-V – ALL   Exhaust System Squeaks (Supersedes 08-049, dated August 15, 2008, to revise the information marked by the black bars)   REVISION SUMMARY In Applies To, the model year range was changed. Under SYMPTOM, additional information was added. Under PARTS INFORMATION, the part numbers were … Read more

Buzzing From the Alternator – 2000-2001 Handa Odyssey

Service Bulletin A03-052 September 2, 2003   Applies To: 2000–01 Odyssey – ALL Buzzing From the Alternator   SYMPTOM With the engine hot and idling with the A/C on, buzzing is heard from the alternator.   PROBABLE CAUSE Alternator noise is being amplified by the drive belt.   CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the alternatorcompressor drive belt. … Read more

Front Door Glass Squeaks When Going Up or Down – 2004-2008 Acura TSX

B08-011 March 20, 2008   Applies To: 2004–08 TSX – ALL   Front Door Glass Squeaks When Going Up or Down   SYMPTOM The left or right front door glass squeaks when going up or down.   PROBABLE CAUSE The glass is rubbing on its inner weatherstrip.   CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the door glass inner … Read more

Rear Doors Are Hard to Open – 1996-2000 Honda Civic

A00-013 February 1, 2000   Applies To: 1996-00 Civic – All 4-door models   Rear Doors Are Hard to Open   SYMPTOM One or both rear doors are difficult to open. The door handle needs to be lifted abnormally high to release the latch.   PROBABLE CAUSE The rear outer handle rods are misadjusted.   … Read more

Hesitation or Stall at Very Low Speeds – 2000-2002 Acura 3.5RL

B01-044 December 3, 2001   Applies To: 2000-01 3.5RL – ALL 2002 3.5RL – From VIN JH4KA9 … 2C000001 thru JH4KA9 … 2C009442   Hesitation or Stall at Very Low Speeds SYMPTOM The vehicle may hesitate or possibly stall during very light acceleration when the throttle is opened gradually at extremely low speeds (walking speed). … Read more