Buzzing From the B-Pillar Upper Panel – 1996 Honda Civic

Model Applicable To File Under Bulletin No. Issue Date 1996 CIVIC See VEHICLES AFFECTED BODY A96-003 FEB 5, 1996   Buzzing From the B-Pillar Upper Panel   SYMPTOM A buzzing noise from the left or right B-pillar upper panel when driving on rough roads.   PROBABLE CAUSE The plastic cover on the seat belt shoulder … Read more

Buzzing From the Alternator – 2000-2001 Handa Odyssey

Service Bulletin A03-052 September 2, 2003   Applies To: 2000–01 Odyssey – ALL Buzzing From the Alternator   SYMPTOM With the engine hot and idling with the A/C on, buzzing is heard from the alternator.   PROBABLE CAUSE Alternator noise is being amplified by the drive belt.   CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the alternatorcompressor drive belt. … Read more