Honda Technical Newsletter – Jan-Feb-Mar 2019

NHTSA ID Number: 10161662

Manufacturer Communication Number: TheWrenchJan-Mar


The Wrench – If a customer complains of loose handlebars on a 2018 GL1800, the problem may be due to improper torquing of the steering stem nut at the factory. First, verify the complaint with the proper inspection outlined in the Service Bulletin GL1800 #1, then if the handlebars are loose continue to follow the instructions to perform the repair. Service Bulletin GL1800 #1 (Feb. 21, 2019) can be viewed by following the path below then searching for GL1800 #1.


Send Tech Line Snapshots When Calling for Auto Idle Stop System Issues – Acura

NHTSA ID Number: 10162003

Manufacturer Communication Number: B18070C


ServiceNews Article – Until recently, Tech Line had only two categories for auto idle stop system issues. That made it hard for our engineering staff to understand what was specifically inhibiting the system. To help with this, Tech Line has added more categories to match what’s listed in the service information. As a result, when calling them for an auto idle stop issue, you must now send a snapshot. Tech Line needs it for troubleshooting and won’t be able to help unless you do.


Removing and Installing the Fuel Joint Pipe? Remember This! – Acura

NHTSA ID Number: 10162004

Manufacturer Communication Number: B19060B


ServiceNews Article – Some of the service information procedures involving removal and installation of fuel system and engine parts require removing and installing the fuel joint pipe. Keep in mind this is a must replace part, and it must never be reused. Furthermore, be sure to apply the polyethylene glycol lubricant from the replacement joint pipe kit and torque the joint pipe to spec. Failure to do these things will lead to fuel leaks (either right away or over time) that could result in a fire. And if that happens, your dealership will be responsible for any resulting injuries or property damage.


Conventional Wheel & Tire Assemblies on PAX System – 2005-2009 Honda Odyssey Touring

ServiceNews Article
September 2015
A15090C Version 1


Never Use Conventional Wheel & Tire Assemblies on PAX System Equipped Vehicles



2005−09 Odyssey Touring

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article replaces “Never Use Conventional Wheel & Tire Assemblies on PAX Vehicles,” posted in May 2013.

Is it OK to use conventional wheel & tire assemblies on vehicles equipped with the Michelin PAX system? Our answer to that question is a big No. Here’s why.


AGM Battery Testing and Charging Precautions – 2015 Acura TLX & 2016 MDX

ServiceNews Article


May 13, 2015
B15050C Version 1


AGM Battery Testing and Charging Precautions



Year Model Trim Level
2016 MDX MDX with Advance Package
2015 TLX V6 with SH-AWD


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article replaces “Battery Testing in 2015 TLXs,” posted in September 2014.

When testing an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery with the ED-18 battery tester or charging it with the GR8 battery diagnostic station, remember to select AGM under SELECT BATTERY TYPE, not FLOODED (FLA). If you don’t select AGM, you won’t get accurate results and the battery will get damaged when charging.