Warranty Extension: Engine Block – 2006-2009 Honda Civic

January 9, 2015
ATB 44796-01324 REV 6


Warranty Extension: Engine Block

Supersedes 10-048, dated December 18, 2013, to revise the information highlighted in yellow.



Year Model Trim VIN Range
2006–08 Civic ALL ALL VINs beginning with 1HG or 2HG – Check eligibility with a iN VIN status inquiry.
2009 Civic ALL ALL VINs beginning with 1HG, 19X, and 2HG – Check eligibility with a iN VIN status inquiry.






On some 2006–08 and early production 2009 Civics, the engine (cylinder) block may leak engine coolant, resulting in engine overheating. To increase customer confidence, American Honda is extending the warranty of the engine block to 10 years from the original date of purchase, with no mileage limit.

The warranty extension does not apply to any vehicle that has ever been declared a total loss or sold for salvage by a financial institution or insurer, or has a branded, or similar title under any state’s law. To check for vehicle eligibility, you must do a VIN status inquiry.



Customers were originally sent a notification of this warranty extension that indicated the warranty on the engine block was being extended to eight years. They were sent another notification that the warranty on the block is being extended to 10 years.

Do an iN VIN status inquiry to make sure the vehicle is shown as eligible.



If confirmed by your diagnosis, install a new engine block.



Part Name Part Number Quantity
All except Natural Gas: Block, Short, General Assembly 10002-RNA-A50  1
Natural Gas only: Block, Short, General Assembly 10002-RNE-A01  1
Bolt, Flange (12 x 18) 90018-SNA-010 2
Bolt, Flange (12 x 25) 90182-S2H-000 2
Bolt, Flange (12 x 35) 90168-S5A-000 2
Bolt, Flange (12 x 40) 90164-S5A-010 3
Bolt, Flange (12 x 40) 90160-SNA-A00  1
Bolt, Flange (12 x 63) 90168-SZ3-000  1
Bolt, Flange (12 x 84) 90118-SNA-000  2
Bolt, Flange (14 x 93) 90165-SNA-A00  1
Bolt, Flange (14 x 94) 90116-SNA-010 2
Bolt, Flange (14 x 115)

NOTE: Applies to some 2007 and all 2008 Civics; see the parts catalog for the correct application.

90175-S5A-000  4
Bolt, Flange (14 x 130)

NOTE: Applies to some 2006 and all 2007 Civics; see the parts catalog for the correct application

90175-SNA-A00  4
Filter, Oil 15400-PLM-A01  1
Gasket Kit, Cylinder Head 06110-RNB-999  1
Gasket, Flexible Exhaust 18229-S5D-A01  1
Nut, Flange (12 mm) 90371-SEF-000 2
Nut, Flange (14 mm) 90213-S5A-003  1
Nut (10 mm) 90212-SA5-003  1
Nut (12 mm) 90215-SB0-003  4
Nut, Spindle (22 mm) 90305-692-010  2
O-ring Set, Oil Pump 15101-RNA-A00  1
Oil Seal 91212-RNA-A01 1
Pilot Bearing (bushing) (M/T) 22103-RNA-004  1
Plate, Partition (coolant separator) 11103-RNA-A01  1
Ring, Set, A/T (26 x 1.8) 44319-SR1-003  2
Ring, Set, Left Side M/T (28 x 2.0) 44319-S1A-E01 1
Ring, Set, Right Side M/T (28 x 2.0) 44319-S84-300  1
Socket, Drive Bolt (10 x 55) 96700-10055-18  1
Washer, Drain Plug (A/T) (16 mm) 90471-RPC-000  1
Washer, Drain Plug (A/T) (18 mm) 90471-PX4-000  1
Washer, Drain Plug (M/T) (14 mm) 94109-14000  1
Washer, Drain Plug (M/T) (20 mm) 94109-20000  1



Part Name Part Number Quantity
Honda Genuine Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2 0L999-9011  2
Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF-DW1 08200-9008  3
Honda Genuine Manual Transmission Fluid 08798-9016  2
Hondabond HT Silicone Gasket 08718-0001  1
Honda Genuine Motor Oil, 5W-20 08798-9023 5



  • If you are replacing an engine block because of coolant leakage resulting in engine overheating, and the vehicle is within the warranty extension period, (10 years from the original date of purchase and no mileage limit), use the information below to submit a claim.
  • You must submit at least four photos in order for the warranty claim to be processed. If your photos do not meet the requirements, your claim may be subject to debit.
  • Save all photos with the repair order (R.O.) for 36 months.
Operation Number Description Flat Rate Time Failed Part Number
1111P8 Replace the engine block because of a coolant leak (includes submitting photos to Warranty). 12.6 hours 10002-RNA-A00

Defect Code: 5E200
Symptom Code: R4300
Skill Level: Repair Technician



Look for coolant leaking from cracks in the block at the points shown below. On the back side of the engine, remove the oil/air separator cover so you can check beneath it. Pressure-test the cooling system if needed.

Is the block leaking coolant in any of the areas shown? 


No – Continue with normal troubleshooting.

Front of the Engine

Back of the Engine



  1. Take a photo of the crack in the engine block. Refer to MANDATORY PHOTO REQUIREMENTS for more information.
  2. Remove the engine and transmission assembly by referring to the electronic service manual. Enter keywords ENGINE REMOVAL, and select Engine Removal (R18A1 Engine) from the list.
  3. Remove the ignition coils by referring to the electronic service manual. Enter keywords IGNITION COIL, and select Ignition Coil Removal/Installation (R18A1 and R18A4 Engine) from the list.
  4. Inspect the ignition coils for lengthening due to overheating.

Is there a gap in the insulation greater than 1 mm (0.04 inch)?

Yes – Replace the affected coil(s).

No – Re-use the original coil(s).

  1. Remove the cylinder head by referring to the electronic service manual.
  2. Inspect the cylinder head by referring to the electronic service manual. Enter keywords HEAD INSPECT, and Cylinder Head Inspection for Warpage (R18A1 and R18A4 Engine) from the list, and do steps 2 and 3.
  3. Remove the engine oil pump by referring to the electronic service manual. Enter keywords OIL PUMP, and select Oil Pump Overhaul from the list. Set the pump aside for use later.
  4. M/T only: Remove the M/T from the engine. Enter keywords TRANS REMOVAL, and select Manual Transmission Removal (5M/T) from the list.
  5. A/T only: Remove the A/T from the engine. Enter keywords TRANS REMOVAL, and select Automatic Transmission Removal (A/T) from the list.
  6. Install the original oil pump on the new engine block assembly with new O-rings and a new seal.

NOTE: Refer to “Install Crankshaft Pulley Correctly to Prevent Oil Pump Damage,” ServiceNews, December 2007.

  1. Install the original cylinder head on the new engine block assembly. Enter keywords HEAD INSTALL, and select Cylinder Head Installation (R18A1 Engine) from the list.

NOTE: Be sure to install the partition plate (coolant separator) before installing the cylinder head.

  1. M/T only: Install the new crankshaft pilot bearing, and the original flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate onto the engine. Enter keyword CLUTCH, and select Clutch Replacement (5M/T) from the list.
  2. M/T only: Install the M/T onto the engine. Enter keywords TRANS INSTALLATION, and select Manual Transmission Installation (5M/T) from the list.
  3. A/T only: Install the original drive plate onto the engine. Enter keywords AUTO TRANS, select Drive Plate Removal and Installation from the list, and begin at step 3.
  4. A/T only: Install the A/T onto the engine. Enter keywords TRANS INSTALLATION, select Automatic Transmission Installation (A/T) from the list, and begin at step 3.
  5. Install the engine and transmission assembly into the vehicle. Enter keywords ENGINE INSTALL, and select Engine Installation (R18A1 Engine) from the list.


  • To avoid electrical problems, make sure that the ground wire connection G101 (Photo 29 ETM) is clean and tight.
  • To avoid coolant mixing in the gas tank, make sure you do not confuse the canister purge line with the coolant bypass hose.
  1. To avoid false misfire detection, do the crank (CKP) pattern clear and CKP pattern learn procedures. Enter keywords HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT FUEL, and select How to Troubleshoot Fuel and Emissions Systems (R18A1 Engine, A/T), or (R18A1 Engine, M/T) from the list.



  • You must submit at least four photos in order for the warranty claim to be processed. If your photos do not meet the requirements, your claim may be subject to debit.
  • Save all photos with the repair order (R.O.) for 36 months.

Photo 1

Photograph the doorjamb label that shows the VIN. The VIN and barcode must be clear and readable like the example shown below.

NOTE: If you are using the camera flash, make sure you can read the information because the flash’s reflection could make the image hard to read.

doorjamb label


Photos 2 through 4

Photograph the crack in the engine block. The crack must be clearly visible and in focus in the block. Also include a post-it note that lists the VIN, the length of the crack and the crack location, for example, between cylinders three and four.

If the crack is not clearly visible, highlight the crack and its location with a penetrant inspection developer (Met-LCheck, D70, or other commercially available developer).

You must include at least three photos to clearly show the crack and its location in the block.

crack and its location in the block



This photo is unacceptable for these reasons:

  • It is out-of-focus and unreadable.
  • The file size is too small (351kb).

out-of-focus and unreadable


This photo is unacceptable for these reasons:

  • It is too dark.
  • It lacks focus, detail, and marking materials that identify the area and extent of the defect, as specified in this service bulletin and per warranty claim submittal standards.

too dark



Go to the Photo Attachments area of the claim form to upload images as shown below.

  1. To attach photos to the claim, click the Upload Images

Upload Images


The Claim Photo Attachment screen appears.

Claim Photo Attachment


  1. Click Browse. The Choose File to Upload window appears.

Choose File to Upload


  1. Click to highlight an image file to be uploaded.
  2. Click Open to select the file.
  3. Click Preview if you would like to view the image before uploading. The preview image appears.

Fit To Window is selected by default as the size at which the preview image is displayed. Select Full Size if you want to enlarge the image, and use the scrollbars to view different areas of the enlarged image.



  1. Click Upload to attach the image to the warranty claim.

The Uploaded Images count increases each time you upload a photo.



  1. Click Browse again and follow the same steps to continue attaching images to the claim. To properly document each warranty repair claim, at least two photos must be attached.
  2. When finished attaching photos, click Close.

The file names of your attached photos now appear in the Photo Attachments area of the claim form, as shown below.

Photo Attachments



After uploading photo attachments, you can view the photos by clicking the View Images link in the Photo Attachments area. The Claim Photo Attachment screen displays thumbnails of all photos attached to the claim.

View Images


Click on a thumbnail to view the photo attachment, as shown above. To delete a photo attachment, simply click Delete to the left of its thumbnail.



When your claim and photos are completely ready, click Submit to send the claim to the American Honda Warranty department.



After submitting a warranty claim, you can view its photo attachments at any time as follows:

  1. From the Service >Warranty menu, click Warranty Claim Photo Attachment Inquiry.
  2. Enter any of the following: Claim Number, VIN, Repair Order Number, or Repair Order Date.
  3. Click submit. Thumbnails of all photos attached to the claim appear, as shown below.
  4. Click on any thumbnail to view the photo attachment. NOTE:
    • Photo attachments are archived on the iN for 2 years.
    • Whenever you open a saved warranty claim and attach or delete photos, you must either Save or Submit the claim to retain your photo attachment changes.




Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a very useful tool to help improve the quality of photos submitted for warranty consideration.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager


While the Picture Manager program cannot correct blurry, out-of-focus pictures, it can adjust pictures for brightness, contrast, and color, helping to reveal details. It can also crop or resize digital photo files so that they can be submitted for warranty claim consideration.

  • To use this program on your PC, select Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  • If the above instruction does not lead you to the Picture Manager program, select Start > Search. Under Search for Folders or Files, type “Picture Manager” in the Search window, then click on Search Now.
  • To create a shortcut to open Microsoft Picture Manager from your desktop, go to Start > Programs > Microsoft Office >Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Picture Manager >, then right-click and choose Create Shortcut. The shortcut icon and title will appear below the original Microsoft Picture Manager icon and title. Left-click and hold on the shortcut icon and drag it to the desktop. Once there, if you wish to change its name, right-click on the icon and select Rename.
  • To open and edit photos directly from Microsoft Picture Manager, right-click on any jpg picture file, then move your cursor to Open with.

Another window will open listing Microsoft Office Picture Manager and other programs. Do not click on Picture Manager, but instead scroll down the list, then click on Choose Program.

Another window will open, with Picture Manager already selected. Check the open box next to Always use the selected program to open this kind of file; this will make Picture Manager your default picture management program.

NOTE: The next time you click on a JPEG photo, it will automatically open in the Picture Manager program.

Correction Example #1: Photo is too dark

In Picture Manager, select Edit/Edit Pictures > Edit Using These Tools/Brightness and Contrast. Use the sliding scales to adjust the photo to the brightness and contrast that best reveal the fault.

Edit Using These Tools/Brightness and Contrast


Before Picture Manager correction:

Before Picture Manager correction


After Picture Manager correction:

After Picture Manager correction


Correction Example #2: Photo size is too large

For maximum clarity, the file size for each photo must be between 500 kb and 10,000 kb (10 mb). ZIPcompressed files are not acceptable. Photo file sizes over 10,000 kb (10 mb) cannot be accepted by the American Honda

Warranty department.

To reduce a picture’s file size, open Picture Manager. Select the photo to be reduced, then click on Edit Pictures > Resize > Percentage of original width x height, then click on the down arrow to reduce its percentage (%) size.

View the pixel count change in Size Setting Summary, which displays the photo’s Original size and its New size. NOTE: The % function changes the pixels per inch, so a photo’s size should be reduced only enough to meet the maximum file size requirement. For example, a 10% reduction in pixels per inch will reduce a photo’s size and its resolution by almost 50%.

Resize > Percentage of original width x height




Download (PDF, 3.4MB)



Download (PDF, 148KB)



Download (PDF, 313KB)



Genuine Honda Long Life Coolant
Price: $27.00
Price Disclaimer

13 thoughts on “Warranty Extension: Engine Block – 2006-2009 Honda Civic

  1. 09 Honda Civic si bought new in 09 had to replace head from were it got spider web cracks for no reason Transmission always grinded goin into 2nd and would pop out of 3rd I complained since day one on it and Honda never fixed or even try to fix or look at it 3rd gear stop working completely then transmission got were wouldn’t disingage out of 4th gear so I just bought new transmission I will be putting it in this weekend I paid 28,640.03 for this 09 Honda Civic si when it was new and this is the thanks I get forking more money to keep it going and Honda not fixing there mistakes on the car from the here factory. I changed the he oil every 3,000 miles and Transmission fluid every 25,000 miles got paper trail to prove that. I am a single father of 2 kids and I bought this 09 Civic si sedan with Navigation from factory fully loaded when u c my car u will c how much I’ve taken care of the car mine looks like one of the most nicest on the road. I just wish honda would step up and fix and make recalls for the 09 and fix the transmission and motor y’all did fix the paint.

  2. After more 8 days Honda says the repair of their own mistake manufacturing a bad box engine will cost $6900.00 approx. the cost of a third of a new car.
    They say that I have to pay more that $2000.00 from my own money to get repaired their box engine. Now, I have to pay for their errors?
    Very disappointing from a big name in car brands.

  3. My Honda Civic 2006 also present this “crack” in the engine. Do I have to contact the Honda Dealership or to whom? Thank you for your help.

  4. I Bought My 2008 Honda Civic LX From Findlay Honda Of Henderson in March of 2018. I had originally gone in to purchase a 2012 honda accord with 112,000 miles on it when all of a sudden this 08 Honda civic with only 32,000 miles on it shows up and I was told this is what they call a “Cream Puff” cream puff my a**. On Tuesday Aug. 28th my “Cream puff” Had a very sweet Odor coming from it and the AC started to blow out hot air. I live in Las Vegas and the heat is ridiculous. So I go into the store and return to my car and it wouldn’t start. I call my roadside assistance and they sent a tow truck out and said i would have about a two hour wait. I waited about 45 min and decided i would try to start it again. The car starts so i drive it home, approximately 4 miles down the road and the temp gage slow started to rise until it is in the danger zone and cant move any further, I park the car and schedule n appoint with Findlay Honda and they get me in two days later so they could take a look under the hood to see what was going on, I get a call hours later saying that They found the problem and that the engine block that cracked and that the extended warranty i paid for will not cover this and that I would have to pay 6600.00 to gt my car fixed, I advised them i recently lost my job and cant afford to make 363.00 dollar car payments and 270.00 insurance payments and shell out more money. Ive already had to put 4 new tires on it and the day i bought it there was a knocking noise coming from the back drivers side. They tried to brush it off like it was just a normal thing and said was probably just coming from the spare tire which was located in the trunk. I refused to drive off the lot unless they said the they would look at it and cover it 100% if it they found something wrong with it. Come to find out the shocks were bad and they had to be replaced. Arent they required to do a full inspection on a car when they but it form the previous owner and shouldn’t they have caught this. I mean I heard it when they were bring the car so i know there was no way the guy who was pulling the car up couldnt hear it. So now im stuck with a car I cant drive!!! A contract that says i still had the manufactures warranty and i never did, and A warranty i paid and was lead to believe that if any problems with the the engine, transmission, or any other major issues were to arise I would be covered,
    It should have been their responsibility make sure i was aware that of this and that Honda had put out an alert out and that this was a known issue. I honestly dont think they inspected the car like they were supposed to when they purchased it or received it from the previous owner due to the fact that the shocks were bad, it was missing an engine mount. and the axles had to be replaced all within the first 3 months of me having this car. I would like some advice or help on how to get this paid or suing them for selling me a product (the manufactures warranty) they said i had and clearly marked it on the contract and led me to believe i had all fo this overeager when really i never had anything. If anyone is aware of a lawyer handling cases like this or has one and your in tthe same boat as i am please get in contact with me

  5. I just purchased my 08 Honda Civic less than a year ago, 2 day’s ago it started leaking anitfreeze, I located the leak coming from the block exactly where the MANUFACTURE defect is. And even though my car is an 08′ it was purchased 10 years and 5 months ago and so Honda will do NOTHING. This is their mistake that they knew about and they won’t stand by their poor craftsmanship, so much for honor “Honda: the power of dreams” Nightmare is more like it. I bought a Honda solely for it’s reliability, why ruin a reputation like that? I’ve already talked to a few colleges of mine who are looking into the legal aspects of this, so if you’re one of us who’s getting ripped off by Honda over this please contact me at [email protected].

  6. I have a 2008 civic with under 83,000 miles that overheated. Took it to Honda dealer and they found a crack in the block. The crack is not from the overheating but Honda’s bad design/ craftsmanship. The car is 10yrs and 5 months old and the cost to fix is $6,400. So far American Honda has said that all the repair cost is on me and offered no help. It seems unethical for Honda to have a known flaw in a part that never should fail but I either have to junk the car or BUY from Honda the new parts to fix it. 4 of the 7 drivers in my immediate family drive Honda’s and they are all mad and are vowing to never by Honda’s again. A prorated approach by Honda would be a wise move in regards to this civic design issue i.e cover 90% at 11yrs, 80% at 12yrs etc. or by mileage 100% under 100,000 miles and drop by 10% for every 10,000 miles after that and no coverage after 20 yrs or 200,000.

  7. I took my 2009 Honda Civic to Superior Honda in Cincinnati Friday, January 19th.
    Today it was confirmed that there is a “crack” in the engine and that it would be fixed.

    My question:Am I eligible for a car rental until the car is fixed?

  8. I was never told of this, I never got a letter. I took the car in for the visor recall and they never mentioned the recall. i have a 2007 lx and when i took my car in for the air bag recall they told me I had a coolant leak.

    1. Hi! questions, did honda switch this engine block for you even your car is a 2007 year? mine is 2006 that´s I ask. Thanks in advance

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