2016 Acura MDX: TQI of the Navigation System

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January 21, 2015
01358 Version 1


2016 MDX: TQI of the Navigation System



Year Model Trim Level
2016 MDX All with Navigation



This bulletin covers the total quality inspection (TQI), including testing, of the navigation system. It includes these topics:

1. Navigation System Controls 7. Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® (HFL)
2. Voice Control System 8. AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic Information
3. Navigation System Setup at the TQI 9. AcuraLink
4. Rearview Camera 10. Pandora® and Aha™ Interface
5. Troubleshooting 11. Short Message Service (SMS) Text Message/E-Mail Function
6. Map Coverage Areas


For more information about this system, see these resources:

  • Navigation Manual – Besides the one that comes on the Owner’s CD, this manual is also online. Select Search by Vehicle, select the vehicle, then enter keywords NAVI MANUAL.
  • Owner’s Manual – Besides the one that comes on the Owner’s CD, this manual is also online. Select Search by Vehicle, select the vehicle, then enter keywords OWN MANUAL.
  • Online University – Log in and select SALES. Under Quick Links, select Course Catalog, then enter keyword NAVI in the search box.



The flat rate time for the TQI of the navigation system is included as part of the regular TQI of the vehicle.





Use the following buttons to operate the navigation system. For more information about them, see “Getting Started” in the navigation manual.





The navigation system features a voice control system that lets you work most of the navigation, HVAC, and audio controls with just your voice. To interact with the system, use the Talk and Hang-Up/Back buttons. This is the primary way to give commands to the system.


Talk button – To give a voice command, press and release this button, wait for the beep, and give the command. Hang-Up/Back button – Press and release this button to return to the previous screen.  Microphone – Picks up your voice commands

NOTE: If the system does not understand your commands, see “Improving Voice Recognition” in the navigation manual.




The navigation system is basically ready to use when the vehicle is delivered to the dealership. The system has features to reduce the chance of driver distraction. Some touch screens menus are limited or unavailable (grayed out) while driving to encourage using voice commands for the navigation and audio systems.

Since the navigation system interfaces with other vehicle systems, it is important that all of the systems are initialized.

To initialize the navigation system, follow these steps:

  1. Do the regular TQI of the vehicle.
  2. You may see the factory In Line Diag screen below. If so, complete the in-line diagnosis by doing the following. If not, go to step 3.

 In Line Diag screen

  • Select Start Diag.
  • Press all of the buttons on the steering wheel that are shown in the In Line Diag The icons should turn green.
  • Make a loud sound (like snapping your fingers or clapping your hands) by the microphone to complete the mic test.
  • When you have completed all of the tests, the icons will be green. Select Exit Diag to exit the screen.
  • Turn the ignition to OFF, then to ON to make sure the In Line Diag screen does not reappear.
  1. Start the engine, and park the vehicle in an open area away from trees, power lines, and tall buildings. Remove loose articles, cell phones, and electrical accessories near the GPS antenna. If needed, press the audionavigation power button to turn on the audio-navigation unit. When the Enter code screen appears, press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds. This lets the PCM check that the vehicle’s VIN matches the one saved in the unit. You will hear a long beep when the unit exits the anti-theft mode. Release the button.

Enter code screen



enter the anti-theft code

  • Anti-theft code labels are no longer included in the vehicle.
  • If you need the anti-theft code, you can get it from the iN (Interactive Network) using the navigation system serial number. You can easily get that number without removing the audio-navigation unit. To get the serial number and the code do this:
    • Press and hold the MENU, NAV, and BACK buttons at the same time.
    • At the Select Diagnosis Items screen, select Detail Information & Settings, Unit Check, then ECU Info. The system runs a short diagnostic then the navigation system serial number appears at the bottom of the screen.
    • Go to Anti-theft Code Inquiry on the iN, and look up the five-digit anti-theft code.
    • If the code does not work, call the American Honda warranty department at 310-783-3240. Do not call Tech Line.
  1. Once you enter the code, this screen appears, telling you the system is initializing (acquiring its location from the GPS satellites). Keep watching the screen.

system is initializing 

NOTE: Initialization averages about 10 minutes, but it can take as long as 45 minutes. If it completes within 10 minutes, the screen changes to the globe screen.

  1. If the system does not initialize within 10 minutes, a second screen (shown below) appears. The system is still initializing, but it will not automatically change to the globe screen when the initialization is complete. Do not follow the screen instructions right away. After 30 minutes, try restarting the engine to see if the system completed the initialization. If it did not, then follow the screen instructions.

initialization is complete 

NOTE: The initialization screen may appear after battery voltage to the audio-navigation unit has been disconnected for more than 5 minutes. If this happens, follow the screen instructions. If you are still unable to get GPS initialization, see the electronic service manual for diagnostic information.

  1. When initialization is complete, this screen appears. Select OK.

Select OK

NOTE: Do not enter a destination yet. For the navigation system to calculate a route, it must align the current location to a mapped road (map matching). This happens when you start driving.

  1. Make sure the XM Satellite Radio dealer demo account is active by tuning to several channels within the full XM lineup. To see the full list of channels, go to siriusxm.com. If you get those channels, the demo account is fully active.

NOTE: XM Satellite Radio is free to clients for the first 90 days. To keep getting coverage after that, they must subscribe by calling 800-852-9696 or going to www.siriusxm.com. They will need their eight-character radio ID (shown when tuned to channel 0) and a major credit card.

  1. Drive the vehicle at least a half-mile from your dealership, and find a safe place to park. Then set the map scale to 1/20.
  • Make sure the VP (vehicle position) icon moves smoothly as you drive and does not jerk from one point to another. Also make sure the icon points in the direction the vehicle is traveling; it should not dog track or spin.
  • After driving a few hundred feet, you should see the name of the road you are driving on at the bottom of the screen. The system is now map-matched.

NOTE: If the system fails to map-match after driving for more than a couple of miles on a displayed road, see the electronic service manual symptom troubleshooting.

  1. With the map screen shown, press and release the Talk button.
  2. When you hear the beep, say “Find the nearest Acura dealer.” You should see a list of Acura dealers.
  3. Turn the interface dial to select your dealership, then press the ENTER button.
  4. On the Calculate Route To screen, select OK. The system then calculates a route and shows it as a blue line. If you are in an area with unverified roads, you may see a blue vector line or a blue/pink dotted line pointing in the direction of your destination.
  5. Follow the voice guidance back to your dealership. It should work even with the audio system turned off.
  6. With the map screen shown, check the system interaction with the audio system and the On Demand Multi-Use Display™ (ODMD). Press and release the Talk button. After the beep, say “XM channel 115.” The ODMD should show XM channel 115.
  7. With the map screen shown, check the system interaction with the climate control system. Turn it on by selecting AUTO. Then press and release the Talk button. After the beep, say “Temperature 68 degrees.” The ODMD should show 68 degrees.
  8. Make sure the time shown in the navigation display is correct; the system gets it from the GPS satellites. For areas that do not follow daylight saving time, you may have to adjust the time settings. Go to Clock Adjustment in the Setup screen, and set Auto Daylight to OFF.

NOTE: If your dealership is near a time zone boundary, set Auto Time Zone by GPS to OFF.  The clock then keeps the home time if the client routinely drives across the time zone boundary.

  1. Press the DISPLAY MODE button to make sure the display changes between the Day, Night, and OFF
  2. If the dealer traffic account is activated and if your dealership is near a metropolitan area that has traffic incident or traffic flow data available (see ACURALINK REAL-TIME TRAFFIC INFORMATION), do this:
    • Turn the interface dial to select one of the traffic map scales (1/20-, 1/8-, 1/4-, 1/2-, 1-, 2-, or 5-mile).
    • Use the interface dial to scroll to the downtown area of your city. If your metro area has traffic flow data, freeways and other main roads should show this data as red, yellow, or green lines in one or both directions.
    • You may see small diamond-shaped traffic incident icons. If so, scroll over one and press in the interface dial to see the details.
    • Partially shown traffic data does not mean a problem with the navigation system. Traffic flow and density varies from day to day and from one road to another. If your area has traffic, but you cannot see it on the screen, do an online search using keyword TRAFFIC.
  3. Clear the HDD to delete any information that was saved during the TQI:
    • Turn the ignition to ACCESSORY.
    • Turn on the audio-navigation unit.
    • Press and hold the MENU, NAV, and BACK buttons at the same time until the Select Diagnosis Items screen appears. Then release the buttons.
    • Select Detail Information & Setting, then Functional Setup.
    • Select All Clear. A confirmation screen appears, select Yes.
    • A second confirmation screen appears. Select Yes again.




With the ignition turned to ON, shift into Reverse. The rearview image appears on the navigation screen. Make sure the distance guidelines appear on the screen. Change the camera views by pushing in on the interface dial. Turn the dial to adjust the image brightness. This adjustment is not affected by the screen brightness adjustment in Setup. NOTE:

  • When in Reverse, only the interface dial works; the other buttons are locked out.
  • If the image is foggy or dirty, clean the camera lens.




If you think you found any problems with the navigation system during the TQI or after installing replacement parts to repair it, go to the electronic service manual and enter keywords HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT. From the list, select How to Troubleshoot the Navigation System.




The map database covers the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The map coverage for the U.S. contains accurately mapped (verified) metropolitan areas and less accurate (unverified) rural coverage. For a list of current detailed coverage areas by country and state/province, see the navigation manual or go to www.acuranavi.com. Online, select the Model and Year, Map Coverage, then Map Coverage Details.  You do not need to change the navigation settings when relocating to or from these locations.




HFL works with most Bluetooth-enabled cell phones to let you receive and make phone calls through the audio system without ever taking your hands off of the wheel.

With a compatible phone, a simple one-time pairing process using the navigation screen is all it takes to connect the phone to the vehicle. When you make or receive a call, the audio system will automatically mute, and you will hear the call through the audio system speakers.

You can pair up to six phones to HFL. You view and work HFL functions through the navigation screen. A phonebook from a compatible phone(s) can be synched with the audio-navigation unit when the phone is first paired. For a list of approved phones, go to www.acura.com/handsfreelink.




Traffic information is available in many metropolitan areas. The amount and type of coverage varies. Traffic incidents (diamond-shaped icons) are shown on the screen for most major metropolitan cities (typically during daytime commutes). Many of these cities also show traffic flow, shown as red, yellow, or green bands, alongside major roads or freeways. NOTE:

  • Traffic information will not be shown if the XM Satellite Radio dealer demo service is not active.
  • See the electronic service manual to troubleshoot real-time traffic problems.

The amount of traffic coverage varies from city to city and time of day. The Acura website contains a link that provides an up-to-date list of the current cities with traffic coverage and the actual roads covered within each city. The link also provides a demonstration of the system that explains traffic flow color bands and incident icons shown on the map. You can find this link at www.acura.com/realtimetraffic.





AcuraLink delivers remote services to the vehicle using an embedded cellular module and the client’s smartphone.  The module provides access to emergency services, remote vehicle functions, enhanced navigation services, remote vehicle diagnosis, and client relation services.

The client’s smartphone provides access to Pandora and Aha, and vehicle finder and tracking services through individual apps.

All of the functions are combined in the vehicle using overhead console buttons along with the navigation screen and ODMD.

NOTE: Enrollment is required for AcuraLink. On the iN, go to Service, AcuraLink Next Gen, and Enrollment.


AcuraLink System Status Indicator

The AcuraLink System Status indicator shows you the status of AcuraLink. When the system is booted up, the indicator blinks red and green alternately once.

AcuraLink System Status Indicator

  • Solid Green: The system is ready to use.
  • Blinking Green: A call is being connected or in progress.
  • Solid Red: There is a problem in the system.
  • Alternately Blinks Red and Green: The self-diagnosis function is in use.




Clients can stream Pandora or Aha through the audio system. Clients need to pair their Acura-approved phones to HFL. To find an approved phone that supports streaming Pandora or Aha, go to www.acura.com/handsfreelink.

The Aha app works best if the client downloads the AcuraLink Streams app available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

AcuraLink Streams app

NOTE: Not all approved phones support all of Pandora’s or Aha’s features. Make sure you check the phone’s supported features on the website to avoid replacing good components in the vehicle during troubleshooting.

For more information about playing Pandora or Aha through your audio system, see “Playing Internet Radio” in the owner’s manual.




An integrated SMS text message function lets clients respond to incoming text messages with reduced driver distraction.

Clients who pair Acura-approved phones to HFL can get incoming text messages and e-mails, as well as respond to messages by way of the audio-navigation unit by selecting one of six possible responses.

For more information about text messages, see the owner’s manual. For a list of approved phones, go to www.acura.com/handsfreelink.


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  • 🚙【Applicable Car Models + Android 13 2GB+64GB】Android 13 car stereo is only for Honda CRV 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006, before you making a purchase, please confirm your car’s model. For Honda CRV double din car stereo with powerful Android 13 system and UPGRADED MEMORY of 2GB RAM 64GB ROM, you can enjoy a smooth and responsive user experience. Thousands of apps you want can be downloaded from music to games, faster than you can imagine. AHD Backup camera & Mic are included
  • 🚙【Wireless/Wired Carplay & Android Auto】 For Honda CRV carplay car radio supports both wired and wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. You can connect your phone to the Carplay stereo via Bluetooth with the "Zlink" app for wireless access. For wired connection, simply use a USB cable and you can access phone address book, notification, map navigation, music, video,etc. [NOTE: runs Carplay&Android Auto with iOS 16.5/Android 12.0 and below version. Not works for Samsung and Huawei phones]
  • 🚙【GPS Navigation + WiFi Connect】Head Unit for Honda CRV with built-in offline mapAPK "Here We GO" of North America in double din stereo. This android head unit also support online map, after connecting WiFi or hotspot, you can use online GPS Navigation at anywhere,you can download APP from play store,you can enjoy surfing internet,online video on carplay radio.
  • 🚙【Bluetooth + FM/RDS/HiFi Radio】For Honda CRV radio with Bluetooth, you can answer/make calls and be hands-free without distractions via bluetooth. Built-in clear mic and equipped with external mic jack in RCA cable. Bluetooth wireless audio stream allows you to enjoy a superior music listening experience!with 18 preset station, you can listen to your favorite programs at any time. HiFi with 15 bands EQ with different default styles( Rock, Pop Jazz, Classic ) for your choice.
  • 🚙【AHD Backup Camera + SWC】This car stereo for Honda CRV with backup camera supports rear view image input. 170-degree ultra-wide angle,waterproof design. The screen automatically switches when vehicle is reversing, improving safety.Support the steering wheel control of the original car. After correct wiring, learn the steering wheel buttons then you can use the steering wheel control function,more convenient.

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