MIL Comes ON With DTC P2176 – 2013 Honda

January 8, 2014
49461-01186 Version 2


MIL Comes ON With DTC P2176

(Supersedes 13-042, dated December 9, 2014, to revise the information highlighted in yellow)



Year Model Trim VIN Range
2013 Accord ALL ALL
2013 Civic ALL Except Natural Gas ALL
2013 Crosstour V6 2WD 5J6TF1…DL000001 to 5J6TF1…DL001939
V6 4WD 5J6TF2…DL000001 to 5J6TF2…DL003311



This bulletin was revised to remove 2014 Accord Plug-In.



The MIL comes on with DTC P2176 (throttle actuator control system idle position not learned).



The PCM misinterprets the throttle position sensor signals and sets DTC P2176.



Update the PGM-FI software.



NOTE: Unnecessary or incorrect repairs resulting from a failure to update the HDS or MVCI are not covered under warranty.

MVCI Control Module (CM) Update:
Application (FW) Version 3.01.40 or later
Database Update 12-Nov-2014 or later


HDS Software Version:
3.015.023 or later.

Before beginning the repair, make sure that both the HDS and the MVCI are updated as listed above.

Do only the update listed in this service bulletin.

Check that the MVCI indicates the applicable program ID listed below (or a later program ID) as the Available Updated when the update begins.

If the MVCI displays This vehicle does not need an update at this time during the update, the software for this bulletin is already installed.


For more information about updating the HDS, the MVCI, and vehicle systems, refer to Service Bulletin 01-023, Updating Control Units/Modules.


Program ID (or later) Program P/N (or later) 2-Door  






 Accord L4 A2A590 37805-5A2-A59 LX KA CVT
A2A690 37805-5A2-A69 EX, EX-L NAVI KA CVT Smart Entry
A2A060 37805-5A2-A06 LX-S KA LX, SPORT KA M/T
A2A160 37805-5A2-A16 EX, EX-L, EX-L Navi KA EX KA M/T Smart Entry
A2A780 37805-5A2-A78 LX-S KA Sport KA CVT Paddle Shift
A2A880 37805-5A2-A88 EX, EX-L, EX-L Navi KA CVT Paddle Shift/ Smart Entry
A3L580 37805-5A3-L58 LX KL CVT
A3L680 37805-5A3-L68 EX, EX-L, EX-L Navi KL CVT Smart Entry
A3L780 37805-5A3-L78 LX-S KL Sport KL CVT Paddle Shift
A3L880 37805-5A3-L88 EX, EX-L, EX-L Navi KL CVT Paddle Shift/ Smart Entry
 Accord V6 G0A570 37805-5G0-A57 EX-L KA A/T
G0A670 37805-5G0-A67 Touring KA A/T
G1L550 37805-5G1-L55 EX-L KL A/T
G1L640 37805-5G1-L64 Touring KL A/T
G0A760 37805-5G0-A76 EX-L KA A/T
G1L740 37805-5G1-L74 EX-L KL A/T
G2A050 37805-5G2-A05 EX-L 6 M/T

(except Natural Gas)

1AA090 37805-R1A-A09 DX, LX KA DX, LX KA
1AA590 37805-R1A-A59 KA KA
1YL410 37805-R1Y-L41 KL KL
1AA670 37805-R1A-A67 HF KA
1YL960 37805-R1Y-L96 HF KL
X0A140 37805-RX0-A14 Si KA Si KA M/T
Civic Hybrid W0A780 37805-RW0-A78 KA CVT
W0L760 37805-RW0-L76 KL CVT
Crosstour V6 53A540 37805-R53-A54 EX, EX-L A/T 2WD
53A750 37805-R53-A74 EX, EX-L A/T 4WD



The normal warranty applies.

Model Operation   Number Description Flat Rate Time Failed Part Number
Accord L4 125517  


Update the PGM-FI software.

0.2 hr 37820-5A2-A82
Accord V6 125517 0.2 hr 37820-5G1-L55
Civic (except Natural Gas) 125517 0.2 hr 37820-R1A-A58
Civic hybrid 125517 0.2 hr 37820-RW0-A78
Crosstour 125517 0.2 hr 37820-5A2-A53

Defect Code: 03214
Symptom Code: 03203
Skill Level: Repair Technician



Review the PGM-FI freeze data with the HDS.

  • If ECT Sensor 1 reads about 158° F (70° C), go to REPAIR PROCEDURE.
  • If ECT Sensor 1 does not read about 158° F (70° C), this service bulletin does not apply. Continue with normal troubleshooting.



Update the PGM-FI software with the MVCI. Refer to Service Bulletin 01-023, Updating Control Units/Modules.




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