Transmission End Cover Leaks (9-Speed A/T) – 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey & 2016-2019 Pilot

Service Bulletin

September 18, 2018
10075 Version 3


Transmission End Cover Leaks (9-Speed A/T)

Supersedes 16-087, dated September 9, 2017, to revise the information highlighted in yellow



Year Model Trim VIN Range
2018 Odyssey LX, EX, EX-L ALL
2019 Odyssey LX, EX, EX-L 5FNRL6H..KB000031 thru 5FNRL6H..KB021038
2016–18 Pilot Touring, Elite ALL
2019 Pilot Touring, Elite 5FNYF6H..KB000032 thru 5FNYF6H..KB002157
2019 Pilot Touring, Elite 5FNYF5H..KB000011 thru 5FNYF5H..KB000346



Under AFFECTED VEHICLES, 2019 Odyssey and Pilot were added.



The transmission end cover leaks on vehicles with a 9-speed A/T.



During assembly, the transmission end cover sealing gasket was torn.



Replace the transmission end cover sealing gasket.



Part Name Part Number Quantity
Honda Genuine ATF Type 3.1 08200-9017 1



Part Name Part Number Quantity
End Cover Kit (Includes: 11 Torx bolts, cover, seal, and plugs) 06233-5J4-000 1



The normal warranty applies.

Operation Number Description Flat Rate Time Defect Code Symptom Code Template ID Failed Part Number
2321S2 Replace the transmission end cover sealing gasket and check ATF level. 1.0 hr 08001 05104 16-087A 06201-5EY-A06

Skill Level:  Repair Technician



  1. Raise the vehicle on a lift.
  2. Odyssey only: Remove the left front wheel, then loosen and remove the fender liner as needed to access the transmission end cover.

fender liner

  1. Pilot only: Loosen the front of the inner fender to access the transmission end cover.

fender liner

  1. Remove the 11 T-30 Torx bolts from the end cover.

11 T-30 Torx bolts

  1. Replace the cover, the sealing gasket, and bolts with the new ones from the kit. Torque the bolts to 10.0 N·m (7 lb-ft) in the sequence shown.

Replace the cover, the sealing gasket, and bolts

  1. Reinstall the fender liner.
  2. Odyssey only: Reinstall the left front wheel.
  3. Go to ATF level check.



  1. Connect the i-HDS. Go to the A/T Data List, and scroll down to ATF Temperature.
  2. Enter VSA Maintenance Mode

NOTE: You must enter this mode to complete the ATF level check; it disables the VSA and TCS functions. Be sure to complete all of the following steps within 30 seconds, or you’ll need to start over.

  1. Turn the ignition to ON.
  2. Press and hold the brake pedal, and release the parking brake.
  3. Press and hold the VSA OFF switch until the VSA OFF indicator comes on. Then, press the switch again until the indicator goes out.
  4. Release the brake pedal, and set the parking brake.
  5. Press and hold the VSA OFF switch until the VSA OFF indicator comes on. Then, press the switch again until the indicator goes out.
  6. Press and hold the brake pedal.
  7. Press the VSA OFF switch. If the VSA OFF indicator comes on, press the switch again and release it. If successful, the VSA OFF indicator starts blinking and the VSA indicator comes on. You are now in VSA maintenance mode. To exit this mode, either turn the ignition switch to OFF or quickly press and release the VSA OFF switch, making sure the VSA OFF and VSA indicators go out.
  8. Start the engine, and wait for the transmission temperature to reach 90°F.

NOTE: If the temperature is more than 115°F (the vehicle may have been recently driven), shut off the engine and let the transmission cool down before continuing.

  1. Shift to Drive, then press the D/S button again to enter sequential mode.
  2. Using the paddle shifters, shift to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then 4th Then, shift back to 3rd, 2nd, and 1st gear.

IMPORTANT: Do not shift past 4th gear with the vehicle on the lift; you could damage the transmission.

  1. Apply the brakes to stop the wheels from spinning, then shift to Park.
  2. Raise the engine speed to 2,000 rpm for about 5 seconds, then release the accelerator pedal. Repeat this until the transmission temperature reaches about 100°F, then wait for the temperature to reach 104 to 115°F.

NOTE: The ideal temperature for checking the ATF level is 104°F. If it’s more than 115°F, shut off the engine, let the transmission cool down, and start over again.

  1. With the engine running, remove the level plug.

IMPORTANT: With the level plug removed, you must keep the engine running. If you shut it off, the ATF will pour out of the transmission.

  • If a small amount of ATF trickles out of the level plug hole and keeps doing so, the level is OK. Install a new level plug, and torque it to 35 N·m (26 lb-ft).
  • If no ATF comes out, loosely install a new level plug and lower the vehicle. Remove the fill plug, and add the appropriate amount of ATF Type 3.1 through the fill plug hole. Then, install a new fill plug, and check the ATF level again by removing the level plug. Be sure to monitor the ATF temperature while doing this. When you are done, install the level plug, then torque the level and fill plugs to 35 N·m (26 lb-ft).

ATF Level

  1. Turn the ignition to OFF.
  2. Install the engine undercovers (if removed).


September 18, 2018
10075 Version 3

Download (PDF, 639KB)


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Last update on 2019-11-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2019-11-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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