Condensation in Semi-Sealed Headlights is Normal – 2015-2016 Honda Fit

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June 2015
A15060C Version 1


Condensation in Semi-Sealed Headlights is Normal



2015–16 Fit

Noticing condensation (fog) inside the headlight assemblies?  Well, this is completely normal. These headlight assemblies are a semi-sealed design with ventilation holes that are for preventing heat deformation.  However, when it ventilates, it will also include any moisture in the air and condensation occurs inside the headlight.


The headlight becomes foggy when the outside of the headlight is cooler than the inside temperature.  Because the headlights vent to the atmosphere, condensation can form inside of them.  Due to its structure, the headlights are not defective and should only be replaced if there is standing water in the bottom of the headlight housing, or the water has caused the headlight to lose its function.  You may also want to make sure the headlight lenses are not cracked or broken and allowing water to leak inside the housing.

headlight becomes foggy

Condensation is a normal occurrence and should dissipate on its own.





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