Poor Sound Quality; Weak Volume from the Front or Rear Speakers – 2004-2015 Acura

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May 13, 2015
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Poor Sound Quality; Weak Volume from the Front or Rear Speakers



2007−14 MDX, 2007−15 RDX, 2005−12 RL, 2004−14 TL, and 2010−13 ZDX


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article replaces “Poor XM, CD, Aux Device Sound Quality; Weak Volume From Speakers,” posted in February 2008.


Dolby PL (ProLogic) II can create simulated surround sound from an audio signal that’s recorded with two-channel stereo audio sources. It’s designed to work with sources from the audio system (CDs, XM radio, DVD audio, etc.) as well as auxiliary devices such as an iPod, iPhone, or USB flash drive.


Depending on the audio source, sometimes there’s not enough info imbedded in the audio signal for the PL II to properly process things. As a result, clients might complain of poor sound quality or weak volume from the front or rear speakers.

If you get a vehicle in your shop for this sort of problem, check to see if the PL II is turned on. You’ll see an indication in the audio display if it is. The exact text for that indication and its location can vary by model and trim level, so, for details,  see “Adjusting the Sound” in the owner’s manual.

If the PL II is turned on, ask the service consultant to have your client demonstrate the problem. If that’s not possible, try duplicating the complaint as best you can.

Now, turn off the PL II and see what happens. If the problem goes away, have the service consultant explain to your client that some things may sound better with the PL II turned off. If the problem is still there, see the electronic service manual and continue with normal troubleshooting.





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