Starter Grinds or Spins at Startup – 2014-2016 Acura RLX

March 8, 2016
03300 Version 1


Starter Grinds or Spins at Startup



Year Model Trim VIN range
2014–16 RLX ALL ALL



The starter grinds or spins at startup.



The clearance between the starter motor gear and the torque converter ring gear is not optimal.



Replace the starter and rotate the torque converter clockwise one bolt hole.



Part Name Part Number Quantity
Starter (includes gasket) 31200-5G0-A02  1


The normal warranty applies.

Operation Number Description Flat Rate Time Defect Code Symptom Code Template ID Failed Part Number
2181BD Replace the starter and rotate the torque converter one bolt hole. 0.9 hr 07406 04201 16-016N 31200-5G0-A02 

Skill Level: Repair Technician



  1. Make sure the ignition is turned to OFF.
  2. Disconnect and isolate the negative cable with the battery sensor from the battery. NOTE:
    • Always disconnect the negative side first.
    • To protect the battery sensor connector from damage, do not hold it when removing the negative terminal.
    • Do not disconnect the battery sensor from the negative terminal.
  3. Disconnect the positive terminal from the battery.
  4. Remove the battery setting plate and the battery.



  1. Remove the lower radiator hose from the lower radiator hose bracket.
  2. Remove the dipstick.
  3. Disconnect the positive starter cable and the S terminal connector.
  4. Remove the starter.



  1. Remove the torque converter cover.

torque converter cover


  1. Rotate the crankshaft and remove all eight bolts.

NOTE: Do not remove the final bolt until ready to rotate the torque converter.

torque converter


  1. Rotate the torque converter clockwise one bolt hole. Then, install the bolts and torque them to 12 N·m (9 lb-ft). NOTE: Moving the torque converter more than one bolt hole will index the flexplate and torque converter incorrectly. The torque converter must be rotated as shown.

torque converter


  1. Mark the torque converter and the flex plate as shown. Then, write the bulletin number (16-016) on the flex plate with a permanent marker or paint marker.

NOTE: If there is a previous alignment mark and a reference to this bulletin, no further rotation can be done. A new torque converter will have to be installed.

Mark the torque converter and the flex plate


  1. Install the torque converter cover and torque the bolts to 12 N·m (9 lb-ft).

torque converter cover


  1. Install the new starter and gasket. Then, torque the bolts to 45 N·m (33 lb-ft).
  2. Do the battery installation procedure.
  3. Start the engine to make sure it works properly.





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