HFL Poor Sound Quality or Static – 2013-2016 Acura RDX

February 26, 2016
02609 Version 3


HFL Poor Sound Quality or Static

Supersedes 15-051, Titled HFL Poor Sound Quality or Static, dated December 9, 2015, to revise the information highlighted in yellow.



Year Model Trim VIN Range
2013–16 RDX ALL ALL



Title has been changed from “HFL Poor Quality or Static” to “HFL Poor Sound Quality or Static”.



When the client uses the HFL, the person they are speaking with may experience poor sound quality, static, or the speaker’s voice cutting out.



Cross-check the HFL part number and the HFL software version table in step 2 of REPAIR PROCEDURE to verify if the HFL control unit can be updated.

NOTE: Make sure there is a match between the HFL P/N and software version under SOFTWARE INFORMATION.



NOTE: Unnecessary or incorrect repairs resulting from a failure to update the HDS are not covered under warranty.

HDS Software Version: 3.017.012 or later

HFL (HFT) Control Unit Update Version: or later

HFL (HFT) Control Unit Update Version


Before beginning the repair, make sure that both the HDS and the HFL (HFT) Control Unit Update are updated as listed above.

Do only the update listed in this service bulletin.



Operation Number Description Flat Rate Time Defect Code Symptom Code Template ID Failed Part Number
0525A1 Update the HFL software. 0.3 hr 03214 03217 15-051N 39770-TX4-A01



  1. Once the HFL (HFT) Control Unit Update tool is connected to the HFL unit in the vehicle, you’ll see the HFL unit part number and HFL software version as shown. Refer to S/B 12-032, Updating Programmable HFL (HFT) Control Units for information about verifying the software version.
  1. Check the HFL part number and software version against the table below.
Year Model Trim HFL Unit Part Number HFL Software Version
2013–14 RDX Base 39770-TX4-A01 01.07.000





2013–16 RDX Base 39770-TX4-A02
2013–15 RDX Technology Package 39770-TX4-A21
  • If the HFL unit P/N and software version are both listed in the table, go to step 3.
  • If the HFL unit P/N and software version both do not appear in the table, do not update the vehicle. If you try to apply the update, the audio and HFL control unit may be damaged.
  1. Update the HFL control unit software to 02.000. Refer to S/B 12-032, Updating Programmable HFL (HFT) Control Units.

NOTE: If Siri was previously enabled as an accessory, re-enable it by following the accessory installation instructions BII 50045, Siri Eyes Free Mode HFL Software.

  1. Verify the HFL software was updated to the new version 02.000. If the software was not updated, cycle the ignition OFF, then back to ON and go back to step 3 to repeat the update procedure.



Download (PDF, 111KB)



J2534 Software

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. offers SAE J2534 compliant reprogramming software for Honda and Acura vehicles FREE of charge. This J2534 software, when used with a properly built J2534 pass-thru device , will automatically check for the latest vehicle calibration information.


Important Notice

Do NOT program a control module unless you are directed by a service procedure or an applicable Honda/Acura Service Bulletin. Control Module updating should only be undertaken by a skilled professional using proper equipment and procedures, or module damage can occur. The process of updating to the latest software not associated with a specific symptom may not resolve other specific customer concerns. Unauthorized or self-directed programming may cause unintended and irreversible effects and lead to vehicle harm and/or customer dissatisfaction.

American Honda urges end users to always use the LATEST production release of the J2534 Honda Reprogramming software. Using the latest version of the software is the best way to ensure successful reprogramming of applicable control modules.

It is possible to damage the vehicle’s electronic control modules during reprogramming. Ensure the following conditions are met BEFORE programming a control module:

  • The vehicle battery must be fully charged before programming the control module. Stable battery voltage is critical during programming. Any fluctuation, spiking, over voltage or loss of voltage will interrupt programming.
  • Turn OFF or disable any system that may put a load on the vehicle battery.
  • Make certain all tool connections are secure. Do NOT disturb the tool harnesses while programming. If an interruption occurs during the programming procedure, programming failure or control module damage may occur.


Some modules may require additional programming/setup events performed before or after programming. Please refer to the appropriate Service Bulletins for details. (e.g. IMA Battery Module)

The information in Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do the job properly and safely. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. American Honda reserves the right to supersede this information with updates. The most recent information is available through American Honda’s on-line technical resources.


Warning: Certain control module systems require special procedures and or hardware to be properly reprogrammed. Before proceeding ahead, check the vehicle list below.

Honda J2534 Pass-Thru User Guide

Honda J2534 Pass-Thru Software Download





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