Click From the Front Suspension Area While Accelerating or Braking – 2007-2009 Acura MDX

August 28, 2009

Applies To:
2007–08 MDX – ALL
2009 MDX – From 2HNYD2…9H500001 thru 2HNYD2…9H517153

Click From the Front Suspension Area While Accelerating or Braking

(Supersedes 08-005, dated July 7, 2009, to revise the information marked by the black bars)



Under WARRANTY INFORMATION, the flat rate time for a two-wheel alignment was updated after the operation was reviewed and validated.



There are one or more clicking noises in the front suspension area while accelerating or braking.



The compliance bushings in the front lower arms are faulty.



Replace both front compliance bushings, and check the wheel alignment.



Front Compliance Bushing with Bracket: P/N 51395-STX-A03  (left)
51390-STX-A03  (right)
Self-locking Nut (two required): P/N 90381-STX-A01
Suspension Stroke Sensor Flange Nut

(For vehicles equipped with the active damper system, two required): P/N

Ball Joint Castle Nut (two required): P/N 90365-STX-A00 
Lower Arm Flange Bolt, 14 mm (four required): P/N 90118-STX-A00 
Lower Arm Flange Bolt, 16 mm (two required): P/N 90118-SJC-A00 



Ball Joint Remover, 32 mm: T/N 07MAC-SLOA102
Ball Joint Thread Protector, 14 mm: T/N 071AF-S3VA000 



In warranty: The normal warranty applies.

OP# Description FRT
4161E9  C Replace both front compliance bushings.
Do an alignment.

Failed Part: P/N 51390-STX-A00
Defect Code:     01102
Symptom Code:  04201
Skill Level:               Repair Technician

Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone Office. You must request consideration, and get a decision, before starting work.



Listen for one or more clicking noises in the front suspension area while accelerating from a moderate stop (between normal and abrupt) or while braking.

  • If you hear the noise, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE.
  • If you don’t hear the noise, continue with normal troubleshooting.



  1. Remove one front lower arm assembly:
  1. Replace the front compliance bushing:

NOTE: Make sure you properly align the bushing with the lower arm, and torque it while off the vehicle or the splines will be damaged:

  • Refer to page 18-19 in the service manual, or
  • Online, enter keyword BUSHING, and select Front Lower Arm Removal/Installation from the list. Scroll through the procedure to bushing replacement.
  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other side.
  2. Check the front wheel alignment, and adjust it if needed:
    • Refer to page 18-5 in the service manual, or
    • Online, enter keyword ALIGN, and select Wheel Alignment from the list.
  3. If equipped with an active damper system, do the headlight initial position learning procedure:
    •  Refer to page 22-233 in the service manual, or
    • Online, enter keywords HEADLIGHT LEARN, and select Headlight Initial Position Learning Procedure from the list.


Download (PDF, 86KB)



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