Brembo Brakes Squeal With Light Application – 2004-2006 Acura TL

July 20, 2010


Applies To:

2004–06 TL – ALL with M/T


Brembo Brakes Squeal With Light Application

(Supersedes 04-019, dated January 20, 2007, to revise the information marked with the black bars)



  • Under WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATION, the flat rate time for labor operation number 410820 was changed.
  • Under REPAIR PROCEDURE, the requirement to refinish new brake discs was removed.



The front brakes squeal with light pedal application.



Refinish or replace the discs, and install new brake pads.



Front Brake Pad Set: P/N 45022-SEP-A60 



Brembo Brake Grease: P/N

(One tube services about three vehicles.)





The normal warranty applies.

Failed Part:       P/N 45022-SEP-A53

Defect Code:     00401 Symptom Code:  04212

Skill Level:        Repair Technician



  1. Remove the old front brake pads (see page 19-15 of the 2004–06 TL Service Manual). (Online, use the keyword PAD, and select Front Brake Pad Inspection and Replacement from the list.)
  2. Do the front brake disc inspection (see page 19-17 of the service manual). (Online, use the keyword FRONT DISC, and select Front Brake Disc Inspection from the list.)
    • If the disc is within service limits, go to step 3.
    • If the disc is beyond the service limit, replace the disc, then go to step 4.
  3. Refinish the brake discs using an on-car brake lathe. Refer to Service Bulletin 00-037, Brake Disc Refinishing Guidelines.
  4. Apply a thin and even coat of Brembo brake grease to both sides of the pad shims, and the back of the new pads. Wipe any excess grease off of the pads. Contaminated brake discs or pads reduce stopping ability.

NOTE: Do not use Molykote M77.

chamfer of the pads


  1. Reinstall the calipers and the brake pads. Make sure you install the pads with the larger chamfered edge up.
  2. Test-drive the vehicle to make sure the problem is eliminated.


Download (PDF, 119KB)



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