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The Wrench – If a customer complains of loose handlebars on a 2018 GL1800, the problem may be due to improper torquing of the steering stem nut at the factory. First, verify the complaint with the proper inspection outlined in the Service Bulletin GL1800 #1, then if the handlebars are loose continue to follow the instructions to perform the repair. Service Bulletin GL1800 #1 (Feb. 21, 2019) can be viewed by following the path below then searching for GL1800 #1.


1 Affected Product


HONDA GL1800 2018




‘18 -’19 GL1800 Navi Update
On November 09, 2018, American Honda
informed dealers that a second navigation software
update for the 2018-2019 Gold Wing would
be available in January 2019. Honda has released
the update (version HG.ACM.
that includes the improvements below.
• Waypoints increased to 99 locations per route
• XM source hold in low-signal areas improved
• IPhone® X user acknowledgment simplified
Dealers and customers can now download the
software from the Honda Powersports web site
then upload to the 2018-2019 Gold Wing. Go to
the web site below to view the instructions and
access the update. It is important to use a
name-brand flash drive and follow the instruction
Apply this update to any unsold units. Customer
owned units can also be updated, but this update
is not eligible for warranty reimbursement.
If you have any questions, please contact AHM
TechLine or contact your District Service Manager.
2018 GL1800 Loose Handlebar
If a customer complains of loose handlebars on a
2018 GL1800, the problem may be due to
improper torquing of the steering stem nut at the
factory. First, verify the complaint with the proper
inspection outlined in the Service Bulletin GL1800
#1, then if the handlebars are loose continue to
follow the instructions to perform the repair. Service
Bulletin GL1800 #1 (Feb. 21, 2019) can be
viewed by following the path below then searching
for GL1800 #1.
Service > Service Publications > Service Bulletins
SXS1000 – Overheating
If a customer complains the cooling fan does not
turn on and the engine is overheating, the problem
may lie within the Engine Control Module
(ECM) fan control programming. The remedy
involves re-flashing the ECM with updated software.
Navigate to the path below to view Service
Bulletin: SXS1000 #7 related to this update.
iN > Service > TechLine > TechLine > Diagnostic
Tools > MCS > ECM Software Updates
Be sure to read the article “Avoid ECM Damage
During Updates” under the Tech Tips section.
SXS700 – Overheating
Same engine overheating as above, but a different
cause. If a customer complains the cooling fan
does not turn on and the engine is overheating,
the problem may be due to the cooling fan’s clear
vent tube end being submerged in water. The
temperature differential between the cool water
and the hot cooling fan motor draws water into
the cooling fan motor through the vent tube, damaging
it. To check, follow these the steps below:
1. Check if the cooling fan fuse is blown and for
evidence of water or debris in the cooling
fan’s clear vent tube (see below) – both could
be evidence of water ingestion.
Jan-Feb-Mar 2019
2. Apply 12 V directly to the fan.
• If the cooling fan operates normally, replace
the fuse and be sure the vent tube is clean.
Replace the vent tube if it cannot be cleaned
of debris. Be sure the vent tube is routed
correctly and is at least 31 inches above the
ground (see below).
• If the cooling fan does not operate normally,
the fan will need to be replaced.
Inform the customer Honda recommends driving
the vehicle in no deeper than 10 inches of water.
This is not a defect and the repair will not be covered
by warranty.
Erratic Shifting but No DTC
(‘14 – Current TRX420/500 FA Only)
If a customer complains of erratic shifting first verify
the shifting problem is repeatable then verify
there are no Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). It is
possible the gear shift spindle return spring pin
may be broken. The pin, along with the shift return
spring, returns the shift spindle to its “at rest”
Front cover and shift
clutch removed:
To check whether the gear shift spindle return
spring pin is broken:
– Remove the shift control motor.
– Then, check for spring tension on the shift spindle
by attaching an 8 mm box-end wrench to
the end of the spindle and turning the wrench
in both directions.
You should be able to feel the spring tension from
the shift spindle return spring. If there is no tension,
the shift spindle return spring pin is broken
and needs to be replaced. There is a new part (P/N
24652-HR3-A70) and the torque spec has changed
from 24 N m to 29 N m.
Avoid ECM Damage During
An ECM can easily be damaged during a software
update. Most damage comes from accidental
interruption of power to the ECM during the process.
To avoid damage, here are a few tips to follow
while performing an update.
• Check the vehicle battery voltage. If battery
voltage is below 12.4 V, charge the battery.
• Be sure battery cables are secure and do not
loosen or disconnect during update.
• Make sure the sleep setting on the laptop is
delayed long enough to not disrupt the
• Do not key off the ignition while the update is
being performed unless instructed to do so in
the procedure.
Shift control
motor removed:
Use wrench here.
Loosen Stuck-On Oil Filters
A stuck-on engine oil filter can turn a small job in
to a chore. Here are some tips which might help.
• Be sure to use a clean Honda filter wrench.
• Place a thick paper towel between the filter and
the wrench to remove any gaps for extra grip.
• Try a different style of filter wrench: socketstyle,
• Modify a filter wrench. Drill two holes in the
face of the wrench then start threading self-tapping
screws into the holes (shown below).
Insert the filter wrench onto the filter then
tighten the screws until they pierce the filter
housing. This will provide extra grip to help
loosen the filter.
i4WD Modulator Initialization
After replacing the i4WD modulator on a vehicle,
an initialization procedure must be performed. If
the procedure is not performed, the HSA light will
flash. Follow the steps below to initialize:
1. While grounding the Service Check Connector,
turn the ignition ON. The HSA light comes
on for two seconds then goes off for 3.6 seconds.
2. Push the HSA switch within two seconds
from when the HSA lamp turns off.
3. After the HSA light is off for 3.6 seconds, the
I-4WD light will come on then push the HSA
switch within two seconds.
4. After 3.6 seconds has passed from when the
HSA light came on again, the system starts
storing and blinking. The VSA warning light
will blink at intervals for 0.2 seconds.
5. If storing the zero levels of each sensor finishes
completely, all lamps will turn off. The
procedure is complete.
Short-Cut to Find Shorts
Use an old turn signal, headlight, or other small
light, and a couple of two-foot lengths of wire to
create a handy electrical short finder. Attach one
end of the wires to the test light and attach male
spade connectors to the other ends. Be sure to
use spade connectors that will fit into the blown
fuse terminal without damaging the terminal pins.
Isolate the two wire ends so they don’t contact
each other. Connect one wire into the battery side
of the terminal and the other into the load side.
The turn signal or headlight should light (may have
to key-on ignition). Now, start unplugging components
until the light goes out, or dims. When the
light changes, this is likely the affected circuit.
Start inspecting this circuit for the short.
Suspension Supplier
Change – TRX500FM/FE
The supplier of shocks for TRX500FM/FE models has
changed from RYDE FX to Showa. Parts information
has been updated online in the iN parts catalog.
HISP Navigation / Tips
If your dealership has a new tech, or you would
like some refresher tips on using HISP, remember
there is a quick start guide published on iN. You
can view the guide by following the path:
Service > TechLine > TechLine > Technical Library >
Technical Reference > HISP Quick Start Guide
Also, don’t forget about the multiple other reference
materials and tips that can be found in the
TechLine section on iN by following the path:
iN > Service > TechLine > TechLine
New Service and Sales
Training Modules – Talon
Sales and service training modules for Talon R/X
are now available. Be sure your staff is informed
by taking this valuable training on the iN.
iN > HondaPro Training > Training > Course Catalog >
• Department = Sales
• Subject = New Model
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Spotlight on HondaPro
Technical Training
Congratulations to David Knox of Heartland Honda
in Springdale, AR who earned his HondaPro Red
Level status this year. Honda District Service Manager
Ryan Anderson presented the award and
interviewed David about HondaPro training.
Q) How has completing the Honda training helped
you in your technical repair skills?
A) More confidence in my abilities. Working on
different units at school then when I see at the
dealership so when that need arises I feel comfortable
doing the repair.
Q) What is the best part of attending Honda technical
A) Meeting other techs from different areas and
sharing tips and tricks with them. Learning everything
Honda has to offer in training outside of the
Q) Has the training resulted in increased efficiency?
A) Yes, I run around 110%, systems and training
are key to that.
Q) Any specific comment [you] would like to share
with others?
A) It’s a total feeling of accomplishment when you
reach Honda’s highest level of training and they
hand you the Red Level Award.
MCS Software Update
A new version of MCS software (v2.025) is available
on iN. Be sure to update your MCS with the
latest software version by following the path:
Service > TechLine > TechLine > Diagnostic Tools >
MCS > MCS Software Download
If you need help updating MCS, refer to the MCS
User Manual information by following the path:
Service > TechLine > TechLine > Diagnostic Tools >
MCS > MCS User Manuals
Submitting a Template
Warranty Claim – Simplified
When submitting a Template Warranty Claim, it is
not necessary to complete the Parts Cost or Labor
Amount fields. Template Warranty Claims are
designed to process with predetermined parts
and labor information based on the template number
entered. Simply choose the Template Warranty
Claim type, then enter the Template Number
and Submit.
MSN 17037 (1901)

Jan-Feb-Mar 2019




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  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
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