Hood Flutter or Vibration at Highway Speeds – 2016-2019 Honda Pilot & 2017-2019 Ridgeline

Service Bulletin

September 18, 2018
Version 3


Hood Flutter or Vibration at Highway Speeds

Supersedes 17-083, dated September 18, 2018, to revise the information highlighted in yellow.



Year Model Trim VIN Range
2016–19 Pilot ALL ALL
2017–20 Ridgeline ALL ALL
2019 Passport ALL ALL



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The hood flutters or vibrates at highway speeds.



Adjust the hood edge cushions to slightly touch the hood while still maintaining proper hood alignment. Inspect the adhesive between the hood skin and the support structure. Apply 3M ULTRAPRO Autobody sealant between hood skin and support structure if needed.



Part Name Part Number Quantity
3M Ultrapro Autobody Sealant (commercially available) 08302 1 (One tube repairs 3 vehicles)



Part Name Part Number Quantity
Insulator Clip 91502-TZ5-A01 8



The normal warranty applies.

Description Flat
812003 Adjust the hood edge cushions. (includes inspection) 0.3 hr 07406 06201 A17083A 60100-TG7-A90ZZ
812003 Adjust the hood edge cushions. (includes inspection) 0.3 hr 07406 04201 A17083B 60100-TG7-A90ZZ
A Apply 3M Ultrapro Autobody sealant. 0.2 hr


Skill Level:  Repair Technician



NOTE: Before continuing on with this repair procedure please perform a VIN Inquiry to see if the vehicle qualifies for Service Bulletin 21-086, Safety Recall: Hood Vibration at Highway Speeds. If it qualifies for the safety recall, make sure the safety recall is completed first. Once completed, continue with the repair procedure provided below. If it doesn’t qualify, continue with the repair procedure below.

1. Turn the hood edge cushions, in or out as necessary, so they touch slightly against the hood.

NOTE: Some vehicles left the factory with the hood edge cushions in their lowest height profile, which allows the hood to pivot off the center latch and bounce from side to side.

hood edge cushions


  1. Open the hood and remove the hood insulator (8 clips).
  1. Inspect the areas shown designated with red boxes for adhesive separation between the hood skin and the support.

Updated Image:

Inspect the areas shown designated with red boxes for adhesive separation


4. If separation is found, apply 3M Ultrapro sealant between the frame and the hood skin.

  • Insert the tube tip between the hood skin and frame at the area of concern.
  • Apply the amount of sealant needed just to where the sealant comes out to the edge of the frame.
  • Ensure that there is a consistent amount of sealant touching both the hood skin and frame.

apply 3M Ultrapro sealant between the frame and the hood skin

apply 3M Ultrapro sealant between the frame and the hood skin


5. Install the hood insulator and replace any stressed or damaged clips.



December 10, 2021
Version 3

Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-21V932-9828.pdf 692.07KB



September 18, 2018
10104 Version 2






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