Inaccurate Odyssey Fuel Gauge – 1999-2001 Honda Odyssey

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December 11, 2001


Applies To: 1999–2001 Odyssey – ALL


Inaccurate Odyssey Fuel Gauge

(Supersedes 99-065, 1999 Odyssey: Inaccurate Fuel Gauge, dated August 17, 1999)



The fuel gauge needle doesn’t point to “F” after you fill the fuel tank, and/or the fuel gauge reading is not accurate when the tank is between 1/2 and full.



Sulfur deposits from the fuel affect the resistance of the fuel gauge sending unit.



Replace the fuel gauge sending unit.



Description Part Number
Fuel Gauge Sending Unit: P/N 17630-S0X-A03 H/C 6786289
Base Gasket: P/N 17574-S1A-E01 H/C 5928122
Fuel Line Retainer (return): P/N 17711-S0X-931 Inaccurate Odyssey Fuel Gauge - 1999-2001 Honda Odyssey | small light H/C 5928312
Fuel Line Retainer (feed): P/N 17711-S0X-003 Inaccurate Odyssey Fuel Gauge - 1999-2001 Honda Odyssey | small light H/C 5928296
Sealing Washer: P/N 16705-PD1-003 Inaccurate Odyssey Fuel Gauge - 1999-2001 Honda Odyssey | small light H/C 1855675
Sealing Washer: P/N 90428-PD6-003 Inaccurate Odyssey Fuel Gauge - 1999-2001 Honda Odyssey | small light H/C 2128429



Description Tool Number
Fuel Sender Wrench: 07XAA-001010A



In warranty: The normal warranty applies.

Operation Number: 310120
Flat Rate Time: 1.0 hour
Failed Part: P/N 17630-S0X-A02 H/C 6183305
Defect Code: 039
Contention Code: B99
Template ID: 99-065A
Skill Level: Repair Technician


Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Service Manager or your Zone Office. You must request consideration, and get a decision, before starting work.



  1. Remove the second row seats.
  2. Pull back enough of the rear carpet to expose the access panel on the floor.



  1. Remove the access panel.
  2. Make sure the ignition switch is off, then disconnect the 5P connector from the top of the fuel pump assembly.
  3. Remove the fuel fill cap.
  4. Relieve the fuel pressure (see page 11-208 of the 1999–02 Odyssey Service Manual).

NOTE: Whenever you relieve fuel pressure, replace the two sealing washers for the fuel pulsation damper.

  1. Disconnect the two fuel lines (quick-disconnect fittings) from the fuel pump assembly: Hold the connector side of the fitting, squeeze the tabs on the retainer, and pull the connector off the fuel line.



  1. Remove the fuel pump assembly locknut with the special tool, then lift the fuel pump assembly out of the fuel tank.



  1. Discard the base gasket between the fuel pump assembly and the fuel tank.
  2. Remove the fuel gauge sending unit from the fuel pump assembly.



  1. Install the new fuel gauge sending unit.
  2. Place a new base gasket around the opening in the tank, then carefully insert the fuel pump assembly into the opening.
  3. Install the locknut over the fuel pump assembly, then use the special tool to torque the locknut to 93 N.m (69 ft-lb).
  4. Remove and discard the two fuel line retainers from the top of the fuel pump assembly.
  5. Insert new fuel line retainers into the connector side of the quick disconnect fittings, then connect the fuel lines to the fuel pump assembly (see pages 11-218 and 11-219 of the service manual).
  6. Connect the 5P connector to the fuel pump assembly.
  7. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II), and make sure there are no leaks at the fuel lines and the base gasket.
  8. Turn the ignition switch off, then install the access panel, the carpet, and the seats.
  9. Install the fuel fill cap, and tighten it until it clicks at least three times.


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