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May 2013


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Engine Shuts Off, but Power Mode Stays in ON or ACCESSORY

Currently Applies To: All models with one-push start

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article replaces the one issued in January 2012.

When you shift into Park and shut off the engine, does the power mode stay in ON or ACCESSORY?

The culprit could be a misadjusted shift cable. If it’s not adjusted right, it puts pressure on the shift lever, keeping the park pin switch from opening. The power control unit needs the park pin switch position input to switch the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK). To find and fix this problem, hook up the HDS, and go to the ONE-PUSH START/PCU Data List. Scroll down to AT SHIFT POSITION P and AT SHIFT POSITION P-PIN.


Shift into Park while keeping your foot on the brake pedal. Then, without pressing the release button, pull back on the shift lever (toward Reverse). The AT SHIFT POSITION P signal should read ON and the AT SHIFT POSITION P-PIN signal should read OFF.

Another test is to shift into Reverse while pressing the brake pedal. Then, press the release button and gently push the shift lever into Park. When it goes into Park, the AT SHIFT POSITION P signal should then read ON and the AT SHIFT POSITION P-PIN signal should read OFF.

If you don’t get the expected results from either of those tests, refer to the electronic service manual and adjust the shift cable.


Never Use Conventional Wheel & Tire Assemblies on PAX Vehicles

Currently Applies To: ’06–08 RL with Technology Package

Is it OK to use conventional wheel & tire assemblies on vehicles equipped with the Michelin PAX system? Our answer to that question is No. Here’s why:

  • Raises Serious Safety Concerns: On vehicles designed for the PAX system, if there’s a major drop in tire pressure, a message comes up on the MID that essentially tells you it’s OK to keep driving. That message comes up because you can safely drive on a PAX tire for a limited distance, even when it’s significantly underinflated or flat. The problem is that message will come up even if the vehicle is later outfitted with conventional wheel & tire assemblies. Driving on underinflated conventional tires can result in a blown tire and loss of control.
  • Affects Ride and Handling: Since the vehicle was designed for the PAX system, its suspension is specifically tuned for it. Running on conventional wheel & tire assemblies can compromise the vehicle’s ride and handling.

For those reasons, we don’t recommend or approve of using conventional wheel & tire assemblies on PAX-equipped vehicles, and we clearly state this in the owner’s manual. Any person or business that installs a conventional wheel & tire assembly on a vehicle designed for the PAX system does so at their own risk and is soley responsible for any resulting loss or damage.

And just a reminder: PAX system wheels, tires, and components are available from Tire Rack at To place an order, you must be an authorized PAX-certified Acura dealer.


MIL On With DTC P2279 After Throttle Body Cleaning or Replacement

Currently Applies To: ’13–14 ILX, ’03–13 MDX,

’07–13 RDX, ’05–12 RL, ’14 RLX, ’04–13 TL, ’04–13 TSX, and ’10–12 ZDX

Just cleaned or replaced the throttle body and now you’ve got a fluctuating idle, the MIL is on with DTC P2279 (intake air system leak), or both? What’s probably happened is the throttle plate is now in a different position from the one the ECM/PCM had learned.

To fix this problem, the ECM/PCM has to relearn the current closed throttle position. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to INSPECTION MENU in the HDS, and select ETCS TEST.
  2. Select TP POSITION CHECK, and clear the throttle position learned value.
  3. Turn off the ignition, then, turn it back on.
  4. Reset the ECM/PCM.
  5. Do the idle learn procedure.
  6. Recheck for DTCs. If DTC P2279 doesn’t reset, you’re done. If it does, continue with normal troubleshooting.


S/M Fix: Brake System Bleeding, ‘13–14 ILX Hybrid

Currently Applies To: ’13–14 ILX Hybrid

There’s an error in the advanced hydraulic booster brake system bleeding procedure of the electronic service manual.When you’re bleeding the servo and power unit, you need to turn the ignition switch back to ON (II) when you repeat the bleed process. As currently written, the ignition switch stays in LOCK (0).

Here’s how it should read:

  1. Repeat step 8 to step 12 two times.

We’re fixing the electronic service manual to reflect this change.







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