Driver’s Side Vent Rattles While Driving – 2004-2008 Acura TL

September 6, 2007


Applies To:
2004–07 TL – ALL
2008 TL – From VIN 19UUA….8A000001 thru 19UUA….8A009070


Driver’s Side Vent Rattles While Driving



The driver’s side vent rattles while driving.

NOTE: Ask the client when the rattle happens.



The vent’s lower rib vibrates against the lower housing.



Apply wool felt between the rib and the lower housing surface.



Part Name P/N
Wool Felt, 1 mm (one roll repairs about 500 vehicles) 06993-SA5-000 



In warranty: The normal warranty applies.

Operation Number: 8410A8

Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone Office. You must request consideration, and get a decision, before starting work.



  1. Duplicate the rattle based on the client’s specific complaint.
  2. While the vent is rattling, apply a small amount of pressure to the lower aluminum trim on the driver’s side vent.

apply a small amount of pressure


  • If the rattle is affected by the pressure, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE.
  • If the rattle is not affected by the pressure, continue with normal troubleshooting.



NOTE: Be careful not to scratch the dashboard and related components when removing the vent. Also, make sure to put on gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects.

  1. Remove the driver’s dashboard lower cover:
    • Refer to the Body section of the appropriate service manual, or
    • Online, enter keyword LOWER DASH, and select Driver’s Dashboard Lower Cover Removal/Installation from the list.
  2. Remove the driver’s side vent:
    • Refer to the Body section of the appropriate service manual, or
    • Online, enter keyword DASH SIDE, and select Dashboard Side Vent Removal/Installation from the list.
  3. Cut a 10 mm x 20 mm piece of wool felt.
  4. Gently rotate the aluminum trim downward about 1.5 mm (.059 in.), and slide the wool felt under the rib.

NOTE: Apply the felt so the adhesive backing faces down against the lower housing surface.

The rattle is occuring here


  1. Reinstall the driver’s side vent.
  2. Reinstall the driver’s dashboard lower cover.
  3. Test-drive the vehicle to make sure the problem is gone.



Download (PDF, 172KB)



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