Conventional Wheel & Tire Assemblies on PAX System – 2005-2009 Honda Odyssey Touring

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September 2015
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Never Use Conventional Wheel & Tire Assemblies on PAX System Equipped Vehicles



2005−09 Odyssey Touring

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article replaces “Never Use Conventional Wheel & Tire Assemblies on PAX Vehicles,” posted in May 2013.

Is it OK to use conventional wheel & tire assemblies on vehicles equipped with the Michelin PAX system? Our answer to that question is a big No. Here’s why.


  • Raises Serious Concerns: On vehicles designed for the PAX system, if there’s a major drop in tire pressure, a message comes up on the MID essentially telling you it’s OK to keep driving. That message comes up because you can safely drive on a PAX system tire for a limited distance, even when it’s significantly underinflated or flat.  The problem is that message will come up even if the vehicle is later outfitted with conventional wheel & tire assemblies. Driving on underinflated conventional tires can result in a blowout or loss of control.
  • Affects Ride and Handling: Since the vehicle was designed for the PAX system, its suspension is specifically tuned for it. Running on conventional wheel & tire assemblies can compromise the vehicle’s ride and handling.

For those reasons, we don’t recommend or approve of using conventional wheel & tire assemblies on PAX systemequipped vehicles and we clearly state this in the owner’s manual. Any person or business that installs a conventional wheel & tire assembly on a vehicle designed for the PAX system does so at their own risk and is solely responsible for any resulting loss or damage.

And just a reminder: PAX system wheels, tires, and components are available from Tire Rack at  To place an order, you must be an authorized PAX system-certified Honda dealer.


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