Transferring a Junction Board During IMA Battery Module Replacement – 2000-2012 Honda

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March 6, 2015

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Transferring a Junction Board During IMA Battery Module Replacement



2003−11 Civic Hybrid, 2011−12 CR-Z, 2000−06 Insight, and 2010−12 Insight

When replacing an IMA battery module, you must transfer the junction board from the old module to the new one. It’s not a difficult procedure, but if you don’t do it correctly, you could cause early battery module failure and end up with a comeback. And by the time a DTC sets and the IMA indicator comes on, the damage has been done and the module may even need replacement again.


From inspecting failed battery modules, we’ve found several common mistakes that are being made when installing the junction board to the new module. They include the following:

  • Under-torqueing terminal bolts
  • Over-torqueing terminal bolts (usually from using an impact gun)
  • Leaving off spacers or installing them in the wrong locations
  • Installing terminal bolts that are the wrong length

To ensure a successful repair, here are some important guidelines:

  • This repair involves high voltage and requires that you are fully certified in the Electrical Fundamentals map in Online University and have completed self-study modules MAC-10, Handling High Voltage Components, and MAC12, Servicing IMA You shouldn’t attempt it unless you’ve met these requirements; otherwise, you could be seriously injured or killed.
  • Thoroughly review S/B 12-048, Junction Board Replacement (IMA Battery Module Replacement and Transfer of Junction Board). When doing this repair, be sure to follow all of the repair procedure steps exactly as written.
  • Review these Tech2Tech videos:
    • IMA Battery Replacement Tips” (This video shows you the common mistakes we’ve mentioned.) – “IMA Battery Junction Board Safety Tips”
    • IMA Battery Junction Board Transfer Tips”

If you’re responsible for assigning work in your shop, make sure the service tech is fully certified and has reviewed the bulletin and videos.

If a replacement battery module fails and our inspection results find it was due to not properly following the repair procedure, the claim could be subject to debit.






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