Safety Recall: 2022-2024 Honda Civic Touring/Sport EPS Inspection (Service Parts)

October 20, 2023
Version 1

Safety Recall: 2022-24 Civic Touring/Sport EPS Inspection (Service Parts)

Supersedes 23-085, dated October 20, 2023, to revise the information highlighted in yellow.



Year Model Trim VIN Range
2022–24 Civic Touring, Sport Check iN VIN status for eligibility.



Under INSPECTION PROCEDURE, step 3 was updated.



Due to a manufacturing error, certain electric power steering (EPS) service part assemblies were set with the incorrect rack stroke specifications. An incorrect rack stroke may cause the tire, or if so equipped, tire with snow chains, to interfere with the lower control arm, possibly causing tire and/or chain damage.



Owners of affected vehicles will be sent a notification of this safety recall.

Do an iN VIN status inquiry to verify eligibility.

Some vehicles affected by this campaign may be in your new or used vehicle inventory.

Failure to repair a vehicle subject to a recall or campaign may subject your dealership to claims or lawsuits from the customer or anyone else harmed as a result of such failure. To see if a vehicle in inventory is affected by this safety recall, do a VIN status inquiry before selling it.



Inspect the EPS gearbox part number label and if necessary, replace the EPS gearbox assembly.



Part Name Part Number Quantity
Gearbox (4-door, 5-door, Touring, Sport) 53640-T21-305 1
Flange Bolt (12X75) 90161-SX8-T00 4
Washer Bolt (14X85) 90179-T20-A01 4
Flange Bolt (12X30) 90174-T20-A01 2
Flange Bolt (10X20) 90165-THR-A00 4
Washer Bolt (14X45) 90163-TGH-A01 2
Flange Bolt (14X105) 90175-TRW-A00 1
Flange Bolt (14X33) 90164-T20-A00 5
Washer Bolt (14X85) 90130-T20-A00 1
Flange Bolt (14X35) 90181-TBA-A00 2
Flange Bolt (14X80) 90108-T20-A00 3
Split Pin (3.0X22) 94201-30220 2
Washer Bolt (10X25) 90159-TBA-A00 3
Self-Lock Nut (12mm) 90215-SB0-003 6
Flange Nut (10mm) 90002-S10-000 2



Part Name Part Number Quantity
Subframe Adapter VSB02C000016 1
Ball Joint Remover (28mm) 07MAC-SL00202 1
Subframe Alignment Pin 070AG-SJAA10S 1
Ball Joint Thread Protector (12mm) 07AAF-SDAA100 1



  1. Open the hood and wait for the engine to cool down.
  2. Locate the parts label on the EPS gearbox.
  3. Inspect the label on the EPS and check the ID and part number on the label.
    • If the ID and part number is WA with P/N 53640-T21-3050-M1 or WB with P/N 53640-T21-3060-M1, take a picture of the label and attach it to the warranty claim. Then, continue to step 4.
    • If the EPS has any other ID or part number, no EPS gearbox replacement is needed. Take a picture of the label and attach it to the warranty claim, no further action needed.
  4. Place the vehicle on a lift and inspect both front tires inner side walls of the tire. Check both the front left and right for interference/rubbing marks with the lower control arm and/or outer tie rod.

Is there any sign of interference/damage marks on the inner tire with the control arm?

YES – Any tire with signs/evidence of interference requires replacement. Provide a clear image showing the interference condition and write the last seven characters of the VIN on the damaged tire. Contact your DPSM for consultation/approval. Go to the REPAIR PROCEDURE.

NOTE: Failure to provide clear photos for tire replacement will be subject to debit.

NOTires do not require replacement. Go to the REPAIR PROCEDURE.



Refer to Service Information for a more in-depth power steering gearbox removal repair procedure.

  1. Disconnect the 12-volt battery terminals.
  2. Raise the vehicle to a comfortable working height.

NOTE: Keep the vehicle elevated for the remainder of the procedure.

  1. Remove the front wheels 108 N·m (80 lb-ft).
  2. Disconnect the steering joint.


  1. Remove the engine undercover.
  2. Disconnect the EPS harness connectors.
  3. Remove the rubber exhaust mount.
  4. Disconnect the stabilizer links located on top.
  5. Remove the front lower assembly bolt (both sides).
  6. Loosen the outer tie-rod end nut (both sides).

NOTE: Always use a ball joint remover to disconnect a ball joint. Do not strike the housing or any other part of the ball joint connection to disconnect it.

  1. Disconnect the front lower arms.

NOTE: During reassembly, loosely install the new flange nuts, then tighten them to the specified torque in the numbered sequence shown.

  1. Remove the engine torque rod front bolt.
  2. Attach the subframe adapter to the front subframe.
  3. Raise a transmission jack and line up the slots in the subframe adapter arms with the bolt holes on the transmission jack base, then securely attach the four bolts. Then, remove the bolts highlighted in yellow only.
  4. Remove the front subframe.
  5. Transfer the tie rod ends to the replacement gearbox.


  1. Transfer the steering shaft boot to the replacement gearbox.
  2. Remove the steering gearbox from the subframe.
  3. Separate the EPS motor/control unit from the removed rack and retain for installation on the new gearbox.
  4. Install new O-ring (the O-ring is kitted in the new gearbox) to the EPS motor/control unit.


  • Apply steering grease or equivalent to the O-ring.
  • Discard the motor bush.
  1. Install the EPS motor/control unit with the label facing up, but do not install the mounting bolts.
  2. Turn the EPS motor/control unit two or three times to both the left and right in a 45° arc.
  3. Loosely install the EPS motor/control unit mounting bolts by hand but do not fully torque them yet.


  • To prevent damaging the motor and/or gearbox, DO NOT use power tools to install or tighten the bolts.
  • Make sure the EPS motor/control unit is evenly seated on the P/S gearbox.
  1. Torque the EPS motor/control unit mounting bolts to 20 N·m (15 lb-ft).
  2. Install the EPS rack to the subframe and torque to spec as shown.
  3. Raise a transmission jack and line up the slots in the sub frame adapter arms with the bolt holes on the transmission jack base. Loosely install the four bolts sub frame mounting bolts and the front subframe rear stay mounting bolts.

Torque the front sub frame bolts 103 N·m (76 lb-ft), 95 N·m (70 lb-ft), 93 N·m (69 LB-ft).

  1. Install the pinion shaft to the steering joint 29 N·m (21 lb-ft).
  2. Install all removed parts in the reverse order of removal.
  3. With the front wheels set straight ahead, make sure the steering wheel is centered.
  4. Make sure the turning revolutions from center to full lock (left and right) are equal.

NOTE: If not, check the installation of the steering wheel and the engagement of the joint/pinion shaft splines.

  1. With the tires raised, check for noise and abnormality by turning the steering wheel fully to the right and left several times.
  2. Confirm the EPS provides power assist.
  3. Check that the EPS indicator does not come on.
  4. Do a wheel alignment.

Do the VSA Sensor Neutral Position Memorization

  1. Park the vehicle on a flat and level surface.
  2. Connect HDS to the DLC.
  3. Turn the vehicle to the ON mode, but do not start the engine.
  4. Set the steering wheel in the straight ahead position.
  5. Select the ADJUSTMENT from the ABS/TCS/VSA menu with the HDS, then select ALL SENSOR, and follow the screen prompts.



YFW – Incorrectly Assembled Steering Rack – 2022-2024 Honda Civic


YFW – Incorrectly Assembled Steering Rack – 2022-2024 Honda Civic


Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-23V704-1809.PDF 1623.04KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-23V704-9350.PDF 1255.58KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-23V704-8262.PDF 1265.323KB



Latest Recalls Documents

For the Latest and Most Recent Recalls Information Visit the link below…



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